Secret Compartment Key Chain

Reclaimed Wood Key Chain

Our secret compartment key chain is turned on a lathe using reclaimed wood. The texture and grain of each piece of wood is unique making it a one of a kind piece. Use the secret compartment keychain to hold a variety of items. Toothpicks, sewing needles, rolled up bill, your secret stash. They have even been used to hold the ashes of a loved one. The possibilities are endless! The secret compartment key chain makes a great gift when paired with a little something inside. Perfect gift for Birthday, Promotion, Retirement.

We use a variety of reclaimed wood for out secret compartment keychains. Walnut, Purple Heart, Maple, Monkey Puzzle – it just depends on what we have in stock. A large percentage of our wood is locally sourced from the Pacific Northwest. There is a wide variety of wood available up and down the West Coast so we do acquire some stunning pieces from other areas. We have some buckeye burl from California and juniper from Montana. Our sons live out of state so when they spot something stunning, they send it to us.

Our wood handle bottle openers pair nicely with the secret compartment keychain. A great gift idea for the “fun” person in your life!