Magnifying Glass & Kaleidoscopes

We are located in Washington State and make beautiful, wood handle magnifying glass and wood kaleidoscopes using recycled/reclaimed wood. These are pieces that  will be cherished for years to come. Each piece is unique, reflecting the natural beauty and distinct character of the wood grain.

Magnifying Glass

Our reclaimed wood handle magnifying glasses are truly a piece of functional art. The handle is made from reclaimed wood, turned on a lathe and designed to feel comfortable in your hand. We finish it with a smooth, silky finish that protects the  color and beauty of the wood. The lens is a quality 2-1/2″ ground glass lens that is double polished for a sharper image resolution. This is a stunning accessory to display on your desk.

A Magnifying Glass make a great gift for Graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or for someone that likes to collect classic desk accessories.


Our classic reclaimed wood kaleidoscope will take you back to a more simple time. They have a fascination for kids young and old making them popular for all ages. Twirl the wand filled with colorful pieces suspended in liquid and transform yourself into a different world. A kaleidoscope is a classic gift for any occasion – Birthday, Graduation, Mothers Day, Father’s Day.  It’s the perfect gift for that person that has everything!


We make a Secret Compartment Keychain or a seam ripper that would pair nicely with the Kaleidoscope for a thoughtful gift.  We accept special orders and could make them from the same wood.

We use a variety of wood in our work and our stock varies depending on what we have acquired. – Maple, Monkey Puzzle, Buckeye Burl are some of the woods we typically have on hand.